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Welcome „Ayubowan“

"An ancient medicine, the art of healing through nutrition, massages, yoga and meditation prolonging life."

                              ...Here, Now, This moment.

Have you have ever thought of getting an Ayurvedic massage or treatment?

You might have come across a number of different types of massages that the therapies are based on. These forms of massages use the age-old Sri lankan/Indian system of balancing and strengthening the qi (a form of energy) within the body to restore health and beat stress.


Ayurvedic treatments are essentially part of a holistic therapy that works along with allopathic treatments to yield results, and the massage system uses a combination of pressure, vibration and different motions along with a combination herbal oils to bring about relief. After a treatment, there is an increase in the blood circulation in the body that reduces stress and pain from any injury or discomfort.

What to expect from your treatment

When you arrive we will sit down together and discuss your current health and wellbeing. I will fill out a consultation form and we will make a plan for your treatment.

As an Ayurvedic practitioner I aim to treat you with integrity and compassion. I listen carefully and create an individual treatment which will be both beneficial and enjoyable, targeting specific problems or areas of tension. I work deeply drawing from various Ayurvedic massage techniques to help restore your body to good health.

Your confidentiality and modesty are assured at all times. 

About me

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My name is Shannon Ashborn born and raised in “Old Ceylon” (Sri lanka). One small patch of land, nicknamed as the ‘teardrop of India’. Now reside in Bad Goisern Austria, practicing and working as an ayurvedic therapist. Ayurveda – is not only my job but it is also a part of my daily routine and life style.

I learnt ayurveda in the Traditional Medicine & Ayurveda clinic (Colombo-Sri Lanka)

School of Panchakarma (Kerala- India)

and Diplome holder as an Ayurveda Praktiker (Ayurveda Verein Nexenhof, Vienna-Austria)


I welcome you to my praxis and would be delighted to join you in your holistic well-being journey.

I am also able to develop a customized program that deals with your well being and lifestyle concerns. I also know number of other health care professionals that I work in tandem with and refer to with great confidence. So when you choose CIKITSA Ayurveda Massage praxis you get an entire team of support.


If you have any questions I am always happy to answer.  Please feel free to email me and I will respond to you as soon as I can.

ayurveda massage Bad Goisern Cikitsa
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